If you follow the instructions at www.DelcoLockCodes.com and cannot get the four or six digit code out of your radio then there are a few things you can try in the hopes we can still unlock your radio for you.

If the radio says "LOC" then that means you should be able to get the four or six digit code out of it by holding down a combination of two buttons as any radio displaying the word "LOC" can be unlocked using this method.  We can only recommend you try holding down different combinations of buttons and see if you can get the four or six digit code to display.  Once you get that code out of your radio we will be able to get you your specific unlock code.  

If your radio says anything other than "LOC" it is an RDS radio and most likely cannot be unlocked using this method.  RDS radios, which have the ability to display the song you are currently listening to on an FM station will typically say "LOCKED", "Theft Lock Activated", "Theft LOC" etc.  There is a chance the four or six digit code that we need will be written on the top of the actual radio so if you know how to take the radio out of your dash then do that and see if you see a four or six digit code written on the actual radio itself.  There is no combination of buttons that will display the necessary four or six digit code on an RDS radio so if the code is not physically written on the radio we will not be able to unlock it for you. 

If you have any further questions feel free to contact us!

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